“Will You be my Anchor?”

A Wedding Story by L&L

Characters: Abbey Love (bride) & Ethan Lavender (groom)
Theme: Nautical Wedding
Venue: Yacht Club on the West Coast

The wedding venue crew is busy this morning swabbing the deck, tying a few final knots, and making sure all the floral arrangements and anchor decorations are placed just so.

Abbey nervously watches them scuttle around as she takes a sip from her engraved bridal mug. She hears the laughter of her best friends in the background and feels such joy in that moment.

The girls are all wear matching bridesmaid robes, which Abbey bought for them as a present. She thought it was a fun way to say thank you — even if it was a small token of her appreciation. Each of her friends had been so supportive and helpful throughout her wedding planning process.

Abbey could hardly believe that her wedding day had finally arrived, and that shortly she would be walking down that well scrubbed yacht deck.

*  *  *

Ceremony time for Abbey and Ethan’s nautical themed wedding at the local yacht club! All the guests are on deck, seated, and anxiously awaiting the first sighting of the beautiful bride.

White lanterns with candles swing gently in the mid afternoon breeze, marking the pathway for Abbey to walk the wood deck aisle to meet her soon husband-to-be.

Navy and white are the natural colors of the day and coordinate so well for all the wedding day fashion. Abbey’s white gown and fingertip length veil steal the show, while the bridemaids’ navy blue dresses set against the shimmering marina water backdrop provide a stunning photo op.

And don’t forget about the gentleman: navy blue blazers, matching funky anchor socks, and fabulous DIY boutonnieres made from white rope all round out the nautical vibe.

After the ceremony, guests get their first glimpse of the striking indoor area: Decor items are abundant and range from sailing boats to sand, and from star fish to knots – the eternal symbol of a new unity between two partners. Striped navy blue and white table runners align with lantern centerpieces, white roses, and rope decorations set atop tables. Each guest grabs an anchor wine glass before heading back to enjoy the sea breeze and mingle for a bit before dinner.

The atmosphere is joyous and everyone is having such a great time. That’s what a nautical wedding is all about after all, so go ahead and set out on a wedding voyage of fun and happiness!

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