“Love is Abstact, but Style is Concrete”

A Wedding Story by L&L

Characters: Abbey Love (bride) & Ethan Lavender (groom)
Theme: Industrial Chic Wedding
Venue: Converted Old Factory

Abbey always knew she wanted a wedding that incorporated elements of her family and their working class past.

She thought, what better way to accomplish that than to hold her wedding at the factory that both her great-grandfather and grandfather toiled away at for many years of their lives in the first half of the 20th century.

Abandoned for over 30 years, the decaying factory stood on the city outskirts as a testament to its great industrial past. The locals always had an attachment to the imposing concrete structure, and could never agree to demolish it once and for all. Fond memories ran deep in their psyche, and stories told by generations of family members working at the factory to make a better life for their children held special meaning.

A developer wanted to bulldoze the old factory to make way for a new mega mall. Locals banded together and came up with an idea to save it — a new life as a converted industrial wedding venue!

*  *  *

Abbey and Ethan stand hand in hand at one end of the converted factory. In turn, they pronounce their everlasting love for each other. Abbey is a picture of radiance wearing a vintage style dress and birdcage veil, while Ethan is as handsome as could be sporting a dark gray suit and contrasting brightly colored necktie.

Natural light floods through the towering factory window panes to fill the cavernous venue. Once deafening sounds of machinery now give way to cheers of congratulations and toasts to a happy marriage.

Cold, gray cement floors, inflexible metal, and an industrial atmosphere offer a bleak picture of the past. But Abbey, Ethan, and many of their guests only feel an abstract kind of love for the old place.

Abbey surveys the tablescape she created from a mixture of DIY and bought items. Laser cut metal table numbers and cement cube planters blend seamlessly with surrounding materials, while bouquets of white roses lend an elegant air to the entire space. Along one wall, giant white curtains hang 20 feet high in the air and add to the dramatic appeal of the scene.

Chic decor has transformed the venue from lifeless into a stylish oasis for friends and family to eat, drink, and be merry!

Industrial Chic Theme Wedding Decor

Oval tin tags with jute hanger
Small tin favor box with aged finish
Rectangular tin box with lid