Glass Lantern with Rope Detail


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Abbey sauntered along a solitary stretch of beach, feeling the warm sand squish between her toes. She carried a light-weight wicker basket in one hand and her favorite jumbo sized beach towel in the other.

“This will do nicely,” she thought to herself as she leaned down to gently place the basket on the sand. The beach towel unfurled and lay just in front of a large piece of mangled driftwood.

She slowly unpacked her basket of tasty goodies – many homemade – intent on indulging in a private sunset picnic on the beach. She navigated her fingers into one corner of the basket and felt a familiar frayed rope together with smooth glass, tucked away exactly where she placed it earlier that morning. Gripping the handle, she smiled as the rope lantern emerged from its nest to greet the sandy beach again.

Abbey scooped up a handful of sand and felt the grains slip from her grasp, filling the lantern. She loved that feeling of sand for as long as she could remember …

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  • Lantern measures 2.75” x 3.75” in diameter
  • Rope has 7” drop
  • Tealight not included


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